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Class timetable


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Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics is not just about splashing around the pool – its an excellent way to burn off fat and build strength and aerobic capacity. In fact, aqua aerobics is known to benefits persons suffering from arthiritis and M.S. An aerobic water exercise of around 30 minutes can help you burn about 300 calories. It is essential to keep yourself well hydrated when indulging in water aerobic exercise.

Exercising in water requires you to only support 50% of your body weight
The risk of injury is low due to its low impact exercise. Ideal for pregnant women
Stress and compression on joints is lesser
Natural resistance of water leads to better muscular endurance and tone
Ideal for people undergoing rehabilitation exercise or sufferers of arthiritis

Pilates for Beginners

Pilates is an exercise system that is focused on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility & agility & helping to prevent injury. It involves a series of controlled movements that engage both your body & mind.

What Pilates Can Do For You?

• Pilates is whole-body fitness
• Adaptable to all fitness levels/needs
• Creates strength without bulk
• Increases flexibility
• Develops core strength
• Improves posture
• Increases energy
• Promotes weight loss & long, lean appearance

Vinyasa Yoga

With Instructor – Fiona Ashley

Fiona Ashley has been practising Yoga for over 25 years, and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga throughout the West Cork region. Her teaching style is encouraging, precise and playful, with a strong focus on building core strength, stability, and centredness. She discovered Acroyoga in 2010 and immediately fell in love with the blend of yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage, and the strong connections this practice offered. She soon trained to become one of the only certified Acroyoga teachers in Ireland, and teaches workshops throughout the country. She is particularly fond of being upside down!

(Excerpt taken from Yogafit West Cork)

A Vinyasa Yoga class is an engaging, empowering and energising experience!
Come prepared for a strong, dynamic practice. Translating as ‘Breath synchronised movement’, Vinyasa comprises a progressive series of postures, with each movement accompanied by a focussed inhale or exhale, linked together to form one flowing movement. This builds internal heat, which confers many benefits. It helps the body expel toxins, as well as stimulating blood flow, bringing fresh nutrients to all the muscles and organs. A raised body temperature helps strengthen the immune system, reducing chances of infection. The muscles are warmed and joints lubricated, which helps you go deeper into a stretch than if you were doing it at a slower pace.

The synchronised breathing gives control and rhythm to your yoga session, and helps achieve conscious control over the body. The continuous focus on the breath aids concentration, and relaxes and quietens the mind. In the sequence, all muscle groups receive attention, creating balanced strength. An emphasis on accurate body alignment ensures correct movements, and the breath flow allows fresh oxygen to fuel and loosen the muscles and keep them flexible.

Of course, an hour of moving through sometimes vigorous postures takes time to build up, especially for those new to Yoga or unused to exercise. But don’t be discouraged – most of the current classes are geared to accommodate beginners, and I am always ready to give advice and to work with any limitations a student may have, modifying poses as necessary. And for those with experience who wish to push themselves further, there are many advanced variations that can be incorporated into the sequence. It is my firm belief that we are capable of far more than we often allow ourselves to think. And breaking through the limitations of the mind is a very liberating experience for people.

Six week courses start at different intervals throughout the year, please contact us on 027 50557 for schedule.