[:en]Laura & Romain August 2019[:de]Mark and Sinèad Barrett.[:]


We had our wedding at The Westlodge Hotel and we couldn’t have hopped for better. Pat Gill, Norma, Bríd, Joanne, Valery and the whole team made sure of that. They were very pro, very kind and thoughtful during the entire process.From start to finish everything was perfect.The meal was very fresh and tasty, the ball room was stunning.Our wedding suite was so comfy and beautiful. It was a half Irish- half french wedding and all our french guests were very impressed by The Westlodge Hotel and the impeccable service. We would like to thank everyone at The Westlodge Hotel who made our day so special. We are so happy we chose The Westlodge Hotel as our wedding venue! Thanks a million, Merci beaucoup!

[:de]“We got married on New Year’s Eve and had our reception in the Westlodge Hotel. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty, from the champagne reception till the last drink served that night, each and everyone of our guests thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.[:]

Westlodge Hotel